This just in!!!

Our new Smoothie Batts are being used by Franklin Habit for his Tour de Fleece Project. It makes me go 'Squee!!!!' when he says, ' I've never, ever spun with fiber as gorgeous as my Lunabudknits batt.'

It just doesn't get any better than that! Try them out for your self!


Have a custom request? Email Lunabud herself... Knitwhit (at) atangledyarn (dot) com

smoothie batt margarita


One Tequila! Two Tequila! Three Tequila!

$18.00 - 3 ounces merino

batt yellow


Buona fortuna e tanta felicità!

$18.00 - 3 ounces merino

smoothie batt green

Purple Hooter Shooter

Here's to you! Here's to me! On the floor we soon shall be!

$18.00 - 3 ounces merino

smoothie batt green

Hot Toddy

There are good ships, and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be.

$18.00 - 3 ounces merino

smoothie batt green

Blue Hawaiian

Here's to you! Here's to me! The best of friends we'll ever be!

$18.00 - 3 ounces merino

Will ship in mid January 2013....

smoothie batt green


To the men I've love
To the men I've kissed
My heartfelt apologies
To the men I've missed!

$18.00 - 3 ounces merino

smoothie batt green

Smoothie Grasshopper

Sold Out until mid January 2013

Here's to you and here's to me
Here's to what we used to be --
Here's to what we might have been
And here's to what we'll be again.

$18.00- 3 ounces Merino Wool

smoothie batt mai tai

Smoothie Mai Tai -

Here's to the prettiest,
Here's to the wittiest;
Here's to the truest of all who are true.
Here's to the neatest one,
Here's to the sweetest one;
Here's to them all in one -- here's to you!

$18.00- 3 ounces Merino Wool

smoothie batt irish car bomb

Smoothie Irish Car Bomb

He grabbed me around my slender neck;
I couldn't cry or scream.
He dragged me to his dingy room,
Where we could not be seen.

He tore away my flimsy wrap,
And gazed upon my form.
I was cold, damp and bare,
While he was hot and warm.

His fervent lips he pressed to mine,
I gave him every drop.
He drained me of my very self,
I couldn't make him stop.

He made me what I am today;
That's why you find me here.
A broken bottle, thrown away,
That once was filled with BEER!


$18.00- 3 ounces Merino Wool

smoothie batt violet martini

Smoothie Violet Martini

Here's to the gal from St. Paul
Who wore a newspaper gown to the ball
The paper caught fire
And burnt her entire
Front page, sport section and all .

$18.00- 3 ounces Merino Wool

old fashioned

Smoothie Old Fashioned-

May we live respected and die regretted.

$18.00- 3 ounces Merino Wool

cuba libre

Cuba Libre-

I used to know a clever toast,
But now I cannot think it,
So fill your glass to anything,
And damn your souls, I'll drink it!

$18.00 - 3 ounces Merino Wool